29 January 2015

Lulu Guinness | Fashion

This is a belated Christmas present post. I didn't want to do a picture of all my gifts, personally I just feel it's a bit cringe, though actually I love looking at other peoples gifts and what they got etc. However I did want to share with you one of my favourite gift this year which was a Lulu Guninness card holder. 

Pretty cute huh?

Recently I have been using a very slim bag which means I can't put my purse in it, I know it sounds stupid but I just love the bag so much. This meant I had to carry my bank cards in a random pocket in the bag loosely which was starting to get annoying because I kept leaving my Boots point card at home *nightmare*. 

I was incredibly happy to receive this little card holder, it's literally perfect. I'm actually quite a fan of Lulu Guinness collections however I've never owned anything from her before. I really love the little lip shaped clutches and one day I will get one!

The card holder itself has 3 little slots in the back and a larger one just at the top, which is just perfect for me. I love all the little details of it, it has "Lulu Guinness" in gold written on the back and it's a patent leather look holder and it always looks nice. I really like that it's so subtle, classic black and red design with the lips in the corner it's part of the Abstract Lip range. I really like the little box it came in too. It's perfect for what I wanted it for, now I don't have to go hunting around my bag to find my cards. 

Have you got anything from Lulu Guinness? 

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