24 January 2015

Nike Trainers | Lifestyle

With all the January sales the only thing I actually bought was some new Nike running trainers. All the make up, all the beauty products but no, the only thing I actually needed was some new trainers and this year I must be good with my money. 

Yeah they are pretty bright aren't they?

I absolutely love Nike, I genuinely think they do the best running trainers. For years I have only bought Nike, however normally I go for the more muted grey tones as opposed to this in your face bright orange/coral. To be honest, I'm not quite sure why I went for this bright colour I just liked it and thought why not? 

I'm finally sorting out my fitness regime which you may have seen my previous Fitness post so I thought that a new pair of trainers is something I'll actually need. My old Nike ones served me well but it was time for a change. The thing I really love about these trainers is that they are incredibly lightweight, there is nothing worse than going for a run with weighty trainers. 

When I went for my first run on the treadmill in them I really noticed a difference because the support my feet perfectly, you always know when you have a good pair of trainers because you feel the difference, it actually almost makes running easier - almost!

What's your favourite brand for running trainers?

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