22 January 2015

Dove Essential Nourishing Lotion | Beauty

When it comes to moisturising daily, I'm somewhat lazy, I just can't be bothered. I've tried all new moisturisers and lose interest in them very quickly. I used to be good when I used one specific moisturiser because I actually felt like it made a difference to my skin which was...

Dove Essential Nourishing Lotion for Dry Skin

I used to use this stuff ages ago but after a year or so I wanted something different, I kinda got bored with the scent and started trying new stuff but oh yes, I came crawling back. 

This moisturiser works, end of. I have weird dry patches on my shins in the winter, lord knows why it's probably because I wear tights and dresses even on the coldest days and this lotion sorts it out almost over night. But the real bonus is that I don't have to use it every day because the smoothness lasts for 1-2 days which is perfect for lazy moisturisers like myself. This Dove product has a "DeepCare Complex" meaning that the lotion works down to some of the deeper layers of skin, normally I don't really believe in these types of formulas because they never really work. However I can honestly say that this lotion does work incredibly well because the smoothness lasts for a few days without having to reapply. 

The scent is pretty hard to describe, it's nice though. It's probably more floral than fruity but I wouldn't even say it smelled like flowers. The formula is quite thick which is great for dry skin as you want to make sure you skin is being nourished. 

I literally picked this product up on a whim when I was last in Boots but I'm so glad I did. 

What's your favourite moisturiser?


  1. I love Dove's body lotions! always refreshing but face wise Garnier is a winner x

    1. Ah you see I'm in love with Olay face cream, I have been using it so long now it just always works perfectly for me! Thanks for reading my dear!xx