15 October 2015

Benefit Air Patrol | Beauty

If you are on twitter and follow various other beauty blogs then I know you will have seen the spam with this Air Patrol product. It was a really fun way to get everyone gifting samples to their twitter followers/friends which is always a very clever piece of marketing. 

I'm quite a fan of Benefit, in fact, I have probably tried almost all of their samples! I love the attention to detail, when Benefit launch a new product they pretty much do it with a rocket launcher, I mean, everyone knows about it and the story behind each product is well thought out, followed by a quirky product name. Air Patrol is exactly that. 

So you're probably thinking "great, but what the hell is Air Patrol". Essentially it is an eye primer, but it's just a little more than that. This doesn't only claim to lock on eye shadow but it also re-hydrates the eye area and neurtalises any colour. So pretty impressive, it also has shea extract in it so you know it's going to be very soothing. It also contain SPF 20, which is always a fantastic thing. When I first tried it out I noticed that it was a very runny consistency which means you don't actually need a lot, it gave a very good base for my eye shadow to be applied to. I also wanted to point out that I think on the full sized version it has a rubber tip on the end to apply around the eye area. The sample has a very small nozzle that you have to apply using you hand and personally I would definitely prefer that to the rubber tip. The eye area can be so delicate I wouldn't want to be too heavy handed. 

As the day went on I noticed that my eye shadow looked really good, it wasn't wearing off as much as it usually would. To be honest, I didn't go overly dramatic with my eye shadow but it literally looked just as good as it did in the morning when I first put it on. Very impressive. 

Online the full sized product retails for £21.50 which is a pretty standard for Benefit I think. I am pretty tempted to buy this product which would be the first full sized product I've even bought from Benefit.   

What are your favourite Benefit products?


  1. Damn it, I missed it! I don't use eye primers then I complain about my eye makeup not lasting for long. That product sounds really good, I like that it also hydrates the eye area xx

    1. I've just started getting into eye primers and must admit this is a really great one!xx