18 October 2015

Biscuiteers Dracula Jolly Ginger | Food

Terrifyingly delicious!

If you are a regular reader of my little blog, you'll know I'm a massive fan of Biscuiteers, I ran a Peter Rabbit comp and tried out on of their icing classes. I think one of the reasons I love Biscuiteers so much is because the literally have a biscuit for ever occassion and they always look so amazing and well thought out. They make the cutest little gifts for friends or family. They have Birthday BiscuitsThank You Biscuits, Wedding Biscuits and they have great seasonal too ranges such as Christmas Biscuits and of course Halloween Biscuits

This is where this little fella comes in, he is the Dracula Jolly Ginger  which is a rather yummy ginger breadman. I think I like Halloween so much because it's just the perfect excuse to wear even more black than what I normally do. It's a fun (very commercialised) little day and I like going out for drinks and all of the other festivities that come with it. I would like to host a Halloween party actually, but not like one from my teens, oh boy those parties always ended up a little wild but more of a grown up version. Whilst you'd be able to go an get a bunch of Halloween things really cheaply from supermarkets I'd still want to do something that stood out a little. Like for example these Sugar Skull Biscuits, I am literally in love with them. A box costs around £30 you actually get 9 biscuits and the tin they come in is just so cute, it would be a perfect addition to any party. If you were thinking more along the lines of a little gift for you pals to take home then they also have these gruesome Finger Biscuits or even a Witch.

The ginger biscuit itself, it's really delicious too, very rich in flavour with a prefect crunch, I had mine with a hot chocolate! 

I really love how Biscuiteers have a biscuit for pretty much every occassion. 

What are you favourite treats to have on Halloween? 


  1. How cute that Dracula looks :) I like ginger biscuits so I am sure this one is really delicious too. I like the look of sugar skull biscuits however they are kinda pricey, I'd try to make them myself :)

    1. I know!!! :) I must admit they are a little pricey but so cute!!!xx