22 October 2015

Origins Clear Improvement Mask | Beauty

Today we have another little goodie from my Rakuten Affiliate Network Bonus Box and this is one product I have wanted to try out for so long, I have seen various different reviews on it, all of which have been positive and so I'm happy I got to try it out. 

A slight disclaimer, this post is just a first impressions, the sample is incredibly small so I would be able to tell you the ongoing benefits of this mask but I can certainly tell you what my initial thoughts are. It's the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask, you've probably seen a lot of bloggers write about the brand. I haven't actually tried that many products from Origin before but because I have seen them on a lot of blogs I know the stuff they produce is always going to be a high quality standard. 

I have heard that there are a lot of benefits for using Charcoal on your face because it really helps to draw out the imperfections and unclog pores. My pores get quite badly clogged and I use various different products that work incredibly well, but I've never tried out any charcoal based products. The main areas of my face I used this product on was my nose, does any one else get really badly clogged pore on their nose? And just a little on my cheeks. Like most clay masks this one dried pretty hard but I was quite surprised that it wasn't too hard to get off. This meant I didn't have to scrub my face really hard to get rid of it, therefore definitely more gentle. 

I was pretty impressed with this product, as soon as I washed it off the pores on my nose definitely looked clearer and more reduced. I also noticed how smooth it made my skin, even the next day it was still looking fresh. As this is quite a small sample, I was a little careful with how I used it but I found that I managed to squeeze a could more uses from it. I even applied it using a flat foundation brush that I never use because it is rubbish, BUT perfect for applying face masks. 

What are your favourite Origins products?


  1. I'm yet to try Origin products, but they sure look like great products to use and even experiment with. Lovely and informative post! :-)

  2. I have never tried Origins but I wan't too and this sounds great! I always get pores on my cheeks (Random I know!) so might have to try this! Xx

    1. Yeah there are a lot of great products out there that help reduce pores. You should also check out the Glycolic Fix range from Nip+Fab! It's amazing!xx

  3. I have heard a lot about this one however I haven't tried out yet! I have kind big pores so I think it would be a really good mask for me! x