1 October 2015

The Holiday Details | Fashion

I'm definitely not a fashion blogger, I know what I like but I wouldn't say I'm stylish but I do think that when you go on holiday it's great to try out new things. 

I know that this summer, everyone went through the gold metalic tattoo phase, but this just wasn't something I could jump on board with. When I went on holiday with my bestie she bought along some of these tattoos and I wasn't interested until I saw the silver one, a silver tattoo phase is something I can get involved with, I only wear silver, I just prefer it on my skin tone. I mean, they are a novelty but I didn't mind trying it out. You will also see that I have a rather delicate bracelet on my other wrist which I just completely feel in love with. As you can see I have quite slender wrists and I feel that this simple piece of jewellery actually really compliments them. 

Any one who knows me, will tell you that when I'm in the UK I pretty much only wear black, what can I say, I just like my clothes to match my heart! But in all seriousness I don't like anything that's too bright or colourful because I don't like attention being drawn to me. However, every now and then I do find things in the shops that I just adore. This dress from Dorothy Perkins was one of them, I saw it in the shop window and just really loved it I bought this before I booked the holiday but new I would wear it somewhere. It's a super lightweight material so is perfect for hot countries. Also, you can see that I have a cute little Nica bag, I have had this bag for about 5 years. I love it and it comes out every time I go on holiday, it's just a perfect size and has the perfect amount of pockets. 

What acessories do you like to try out on holiday?


  1. Metallic tattoos look nice and different however never had one :) That bag is pretty, you can put a lot in it :) I guess I'd like to try tattoos xx

    1. Ah the tattoos are super fun and come off really easy!xx

  2. Love the bag!

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