20 October 2015

KeraStraight Protein Boost Hair Treatment | Beauty

So today I thought I would share with you a very exciting opportunity I was offered. I got to attend the Salon International Exhibition in the Excel Centre in London and get an amazing hair treatment by the KeraStraight team, I mean, my badge said Exhibition Model and everything. Though let's face it, it'll be the only time I'll ever get to be a model! It was a really fun day, when I arrived I was greeted by the very lovely Mary who made me feel really comfortable and told me what to expect, then I sat down with a member of the KeraStraight team who had a little look at my hair and told me which treatment would be best for my type of hair. 

Typically speaking KeraStraight is probably best know for it's amazing straightening  properties, which even works on Afro Caribbean hair but if you have seen pictures of my hair before, it isn't very curly. It's got a bit of a wave in it but isn't wildly frizzy or anything like that. So the stylist advised that my hair would probably benefit from the Protein Boost, which is perfect for fine, weak and/or damaged hair. I was really excited to try it out because my hair is incredibly fine and the ends are always terribly damaged no matter how many products I use on it to try and protect it. I was taken to a room to get my hair washed by the very friendly Luke and he washed it twice with shampoo and didn't put conditioner on it because this opened up the hair cuticles which meant that it made it easier for the Protein Boost to fully absorb into my hair. 

I was taken back to my seat where my utterly fabulous stylist called Bella and her assistant Kimberley (equally lovely) applied the treatment to my wet hair. It was interesting because they blow dried the product in and then straightened it. KeraStraight is heat activated so it works best when a bit of heat is applied. 

After they had straightened my hair, Luke then gave my hair another rinse, just a quick 20-30 second rinse to get rid of the excess product. I then went back to have my final blow dry and straighten and then I was done. 

I was amazed at how smooth and soft my hair was, it was incredible. Not only that, but the treatment is supposed to last up to 30 days which is pretty amazing. I couldn't stop stroking my hair, people must have thought something was wrong with me, a bit of a perv. I did have before and after pictures, but I'm so wildly hideous, I couldn't put them in but I'm sure you'll be able to hunt them out. 

A gorgeous model showing just what the KeraStraight treatment can do to other hair types. 

It was a fantastic day, I had pictures taken, I was filmed, I had randoms touching my hair, I felt famous, I wasn't, but my hair definitely had that star quality. 

And I did just want to say how amazing everyone was, from the stylists, to the assistants, to the PR team. I also got some goodies, but I'll write about them in a separate post. 

Have you ever tried ant KeraStraight products?


  1. This sounds like such a great day! It looked like so much fun too! Xx

    1. It's a great treatment and the day was good fun!xx

  2. I've never tried however the result is impressive and lasting for up to 30 days sounds great! x

    1. Yeah I think the actual straightening treatment for curly hair lasts longer! It's been a few weeks for me and my end still feel super soft!xx

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