31 May 2017

5 Tips for going Cruelty Free | Beauty

Cruelty Free Tips

A slightly different post from me today but over the last few weeks I have decided that I wanted to change all beauty/skincare products to Cruelty Free. The reason why I chose to do this was purely because I saw a video inside the L'Oreal testing labs and it was of a monkey and it just broke my heart, since then I just decided that I need to make a change. 

This post is going to be for the people of there who may be considering going cruelty free but don't quite know how to or even where to start, this is just a really simplified way. 

Superdrug, Superdrug, Superdrug...
When I first started buying new products I read some random blogs that were super helpful but some pages had so much information that I was still a little lost. I then read A Cup of Tea Blog on a specific Superdrug skincare range and she mentioned that actually Superdrug own brand is all cruelty free so if you are a little stuck as to what to buy you can be assured that Superdrug own brand is a safe option. Honestly when you go into Superdrug next have a look at their range, for everything, they have so many different products! 

Leaping Bunny...
If you are in a bit of a rush and aren't too sure what to go for, simply look for the Leaping Bunny, this is a recognised organisation that only put that little bunny stamp on items that are cruelty free and onsite the have a whole product directory and you can have a little booklet sent out to you which I think is incredible.

I mentioned one earlier but, there are so many blogs out there and some offer great advice for make up as a lot of make up brands don't have the little bunny so it can be harder to visually spot which items are good but Cruelty Free Kitty has a great post on this and there are a lot of other blogs out there that share this type of information. There is a lot more research than I first thought but it's so important and there is even a 5 brands you should avoid list which makes it a little easier when you are in a shop.

Finish what you have... 
Let's face it, most of us actually can't afford to throw everything away and start again so the best piece of advice I could suggest is replace when you need to. The reality is you have already bought the product the money has already gone to those brands, let's not be wasteful by just throwing it away if it is brand new. I personally found myself throwing things away that were more than half way done because it didn't feel as wasteful. Also, as this is a new decision all of my old beauty blog posts are supporting these types of brands without me thinking so it's actually quite daunting knowing that I have to find things I love as much if not more. 

Little changes...
Here is the part where I know many will think I am being hypocritical because I do eat meat and it could be argued that the way animals are killed for our meat is cruel but I am the biggest believer that small changes make the biggest difference. I think the fact I am trying to move towards a more cruelty free life is better than doing nothing. I have reduced the amount of red meat I eat but I don't want to be a vegan or even a vegetarian right now, in a years time who knows, never say never. But surely the fact I am only buying cruelty free beauty/skincare products is far better than not? 

Have you ever thought about going Cruelty Free with your makeup and skincare?


  1. This is such a helpful post - thanks for the tips. I'm thinking of making more of an effort to go cruelty free. I'll use up the makeup I have but then make an effort to make sure all new makeup I buy is cruelty free. With so much on the market there really isn't any need to keep buying makeup tested on animals!

    1. I agree with you, so many brands are doing a great job of producing only cruelty free products there is no need to buy things that are tested on animals!! Thanks for the comment dear!xx

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