7 May 2017

Working From Home | Lifestyle

After 4 months of working from home I thought I would share with you 5 things that I have noticed or realised now that I work from home...

You don't get sick days
It was one of the first things I noticed is when I was ill I thought "oh great, I don't have that long ol' commute into work" but the difference is when I worked in an office I would phone in sick then spend the day in bed recovering. Whereas when you are already working from home, like you can still technically work from your bed. I feel really bad about phoning in sick when I could just check my emails. 

You will put on weight 
...if you don't exercise, simple. If you eat more than you move then you will gain weight! Another terrible thing is being in the house where there is a constant supply of food! Fortunately I am getting myself into a better routine and going to the gym in the morning and cutting back on the sheer amount of snacks! But it's a bit of a shock to the system. 

You will get distracted
Whether it's your mother telling you about something that happened when she was walking the dog or that TV show you keep forgetting to watch or that stupid Loose Women show that grinds your gears - whatever they are all distractions. I even found myself doing a little bit of house work to break up the day. You really have to learn when to zone these things out. 

You will struggle to switch off
Technically I work from 9 - 5 but you best believe I don't finish at 5, basically I am accessible at any time via Skype so if my boss wants a report or anything, I'm there! If someone wants to ask a question, I am always there. I find it very hard to ignore messages and because I'm always on my damn phone and how can I just say no!?

You will have a better work/life balance

Aside for the switching off thing, if you work in London you will know the pain of the commute the hour and a bit just getting into London and the same getting out it adds a lot of time to your day, but also whilst you may go out with colleagues after work for drinks they are still colleagues so you are still talking about work. Being at home means that when I finish and when I switch off the evening is completely mine. I can meet with pals, I can do some life admin, I can go for dinner with my geek! 

Could you work from home? 


  1. I've considered working from home a few times, I could technically for my job as it involves social media ect but I think I'd like the balance of doing both than totally working from home xx

    1. I totally agree! I must admit I do miss working from an office sometimes!xx

  2. I've had to work from time a few times with my job and as nice as it was to be in my cosy home and by myself, i really missed the office environment, my friends and being able to be active!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. I really miss the office environment too and being less active is really hard for me I must admit!xx