17 May 2017

Holiday Clothing Essentials | Fashion

Holiday Essentials

Trying to add a bit of variety on my blog with just a little dash of fashion and as I am going on holiday I thought I would share with you guys my key things for your holiday wardrobe! 

As you are reading this I shall be sunning myself in beautiful Portugal along the coast in Albuferia, we are spending 6 wonderful nights and I cannot wait for a proper holiday. I must admit I have been a little anixous about this because I am heavier/flabbier than I would like to have been but I thought "if I buy some new things that I really love that will help me to feel a little more confident. 


Let's start with the one that every girl kinda dreads and that is swimwear! Gosh there are so many options and so many different sizes like what's a gal to choose? Personally, I do like bikinis but I like to keep my bottoms black and add a bit of colour with the bra. I'd rather bring the attention away from my wide arse and up to the the boob area. I actually bought the white bikini years ago but it washed so well that it still looks great on! I also bought this Accessorize Swimsuit last year and I actually loved it way more than what I thought I would, I guess I was so used to wearing bikinis I kinda forgot that there ARE some nice swimsuits! 

Ok so shorts, I literally hate shorts, I have big thighs and I don't know if it's just me but denim shorts a like waaaaay smaller in size than what jeans are! I mean I can pick up a pair of shorts in my normal size but can even get them on so I have to size up a few does that work? Anyway, I was looking on Asos and ordered a pair that were so small obviously had to send them back. However when I was browsing in George in my local Asda I found these really cute crochet detail denim shorts and whilst I did have to size up they actually don't look too bad. 

I'll be a bit honest with this one, I historically have always been very bad at wearing sunglasses, I always used to lose them or break them or simply just forget them...that was until I moved to Italy and realised they were SO essential. My ones are Dolce & Gabbana,  I obviously bought mine in Italy and can't find them online but here are a similar pair of sunglasses, it's so important to protect our eyes in the sunshine because even when you aren't standing facing the sun, the rest of your surroundings are still so bright. There are a whole tonne of rose gold sunglasses out there but I just think you can't go wrong with classic black ones.  


Ok so it's really hard to get a flat lay style picture of a dress but you're just gonna have to accept this poor attempt, soz guys! I bought this gorgeous blush slip dress from River Island but it's sold out now. I mean I could go and do the popular thing and buy a whole bunch of Bardot style shirt dresses but I always buy things that will so look good for next year or that I can wear in the UK with tights or whatever. I bought this super lightweight halter swing dress which I am obssessed with but it is actually quite sheer so I have to be wise with my underwear choices! I don't think the style matters as much as the material of the dress, as long as it's light and fits lose then it'll be perfect in the sun!  

I love a bit of bling when it comes to my sandals, the more the merrier in my case because they sun just makes them sparkle all the more and that just makes me smile! Don't get me wrong, I also take some boring plain sandals and flip flops with me on holiday too, but for the evening, it's gotta be the bling ones! I think New Look do a fantastic range of sandals and tend to always buy mine from there, I really think they add a nice touch to your outfit when you are going out for dinner! 

There we have just a few holiday clothing essentials! 

What do you take on holiday?

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