10 May 2017

Cruelty Free Skincare | Beauty

Cruelty Free Skincare

As you guys will now know if you I am going cruelty free with my skincare and beauty products which means, over the last few weeks I have been trying out a lot of new stuff. I wanted to share with you my thought on these lovely products and how I got on with them. 

B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser

I think I want to start with the Melting Gel Cleanser from the Superdrug range B. This was something very unexpected because it is literally a clear gel, that when you rub over your skins for a minute or two it turns to an oil, that washes off milky white  - like what? At first i struggled with this one but that was because I was using too much of the product, you actually only need a hazelnut sized blob of the stuff any more and it becomes a sticky mess. I would also say that you should massage the gel into your skin until it has completely changed into a oil texture. The first couple of weeks I noticed a couple of spots pop up on my chin but I can't say it was 100% down to this product but the rest of my skin looked really good, very fresh and bright. I have easily fallen in love with the Melting Gel Cleanser and use it about 3 times a week, it is really gentle and can be used to take off eye make up! 

B. Confident Day Cream

Moving onto another B. product which is the B. Confident Day Cream  which is part of the Phase 1 range aimed at skin between the ages of 20-30. Finding a good cream was quite scary for me because I loved my Olay day cream so much but unfortunately this brand is not cruelty free so I have no other option but to find something else. The B.Confident Dy Cream is quite a thick formula which claims to hydrate the skin for up to 12hrs which is a bold statement but I have found that my face does feel better hydrated that it was before. Whilst it is a lot thicker than what I am used to, it actually absorbs quickly into my skin but again I use a very small amount. I have been using this for over a month and can definitely see the difference this product, coupled with the Melting Gel Cleanser, has made to my skin. 

Cherry and Almond Shower Gel

Moving onto another Superdrug gem we have their own brand shower gel and I have it in the Cherry & Almond scent and oh my god! I love the Superdrug shower gels because they are actually quite similar to the Original Source shower gels with wonderful vibrant scents but at a FRACTION of the cost being 99p compared to OS £2.29. The shower gel is just a good and definitely cruelty free as are all of the Superdrug own brand products are. This smells insane, I just wanna eat it...but I can't! I used exfoliating gloves in the shower so i just whack a big squeeze of that in one hand and lather myself up, it's a really nice gel for the price. 

Of course, no skincare post would be complete without discussing lips and you just know I had to mention my beloved Burt's Bees Lip Balm and I really love the original version of this balm because it has peppermint in it and quite frankly I like the tingly feeling. This lip balm was something I didn't even realise was cruelty free until I pulled back the label and saw the little leaping bunny, so bloody happy with that one. 

This post is a first phase in transitioning to cruelty free, there are so many good brands out there and I've kinda gotta try a lot to find my perfect combination but so far I have been so impressed with just these products already, good prices and quality is great why wouldn't you want to go cruelty free? Another thing to note is that the B. range is not only cruelty free but also suitable for Vegans which is always good to know. If you wanted to know which brands to avoid you can find a little blacklist of the big highstreet brands who do still test on animals. 

Have you tried any of the B. products? 


  1. You know how much I love that lip balm too, my lips just don't feel the same without it!
    Amy at uk

  2. This came at a really good time for me as I'm looking to transition to cruelty free where I can. I've just gone vegetarian so I'd like to start extending that out slowly. Great to know that Superdrug own brands are totally cruelty free! Boots Natural Collection & No7 are also CF, as are Soap & Glory - just in case you wanted any more to add to your shelf! :) xx

    1. Oooo thanks for the suggestions!! It's quite a big transition so this is very much my first stage of CF but I am excited to try out new brands!xx