28 May 2017

Places to Eat and Drink in Albufeira, Portual | Travel

Albufeira Portugal

I recently spent 6 glorious days in Albufeira, Portugal and I thought today I would just share with you some places to eat and drink in this beautiful town. Some of the places are in the old town and other in the new town, we stayed in the new town which was about a 45 min walk from the old town. For those of you who don't know where Albufeira is it's kinda near the Algarve, so let's get started with a beautiful little place to drink...

Sal Rosa Albufeira

Sal Rosa Albufeira

Sal Rosa 
This had to be a first mention because it was a place we just stumbled across and wasn't expecting it to be as beautiful as it actually was. Sal Rosa is situated in the old town and is right on the beach front, so you can have a little drink over looking the stunning beach from up high. like most places the beer is really cheap especially if you drink something like Super Bock you're looking at 2€ but even if you wanted wine or cocktails this place offers something for everyone.

We kind of got pulled into Donaldo's because the food looked so good! We tried to stick with places that were a little more traditionally Portuguese, which I must admit was quite hard! Donaldos really did showcase some Portuguese food in a simplifed way. My boyfriend had squid and prawn kebab served on a giant skewer and I had some of the squid and it was incredible, but I am a big fan of calamari anyway. Also they had for starters Sardines which is a typical Portuguese thing and they gave you 3 of the things which is a pretty hearty starter, however personally I prefer the sardine pate...I love a bit of pate! 

Blue Sky Restaurant Albufeira

Blue Sky Restaurant Albufeira

Blue Sky Restaurant
This is another Portuguese retaurant we got lured into and I'm really glad we did. Blue Sky Restaurant is a quiet little restaurant just off the main road and very easy to just walk past, we were welcomed by the very lovely Nuno who had worked in the restaurant since he was like 14, who offered great advice when discussing what to eat and the wine. In the picture above you can see the dish my boyfriend had which was steak, in a rich gravy with sliced potatoes. I went for the tuna steak which was cooked to perfection and severed with a tomato sauce with onions and boiled potatoes. As you can see the portion sizes are great and the price is actually quite low for what you get. 

Stews & More Albufeira

Stews & More
I must admit, I have a whole post coming up next week on this place so expect more info then!  Stews & More is definitely NOT a traditional Portuguese restaurant but more of a fusion on Dutch and Portuguese flavours, as the name states, they serve predominantly stews and some other stuff but anyone go here are going for the yummy stews! This place gets busy REALLY quick so make sure you book in advance!   

Rock Cafe
This one is for the people out there that love cheap cocktail and good live music, whilst we didn't try the food I have heard good things about it so it's a place that ticks all of the boxes. Rock Cafe is located in the lively centre of the old town which is surrounded by lots and lots of different bars and restaurants but we actually went because we saw so many good reviews. When we walked in the girl just looked at me and said "you need a pornstar martini"....I's a gal to say no to that!! 

Top Tips:- 

*Tuk Tuk - These little things are bloody everywhere and a really quick and easy way to get from the old town to the new town. Have a laugh and take a tuk tuk ride! 
*House Wine - Alcohol is bloody cheap but the wonderful thing about the house wine is that it's actually really delicious and at 2€ for a large glass, can't go wrong.
*The Strip - Stag and Hen weekend paradise! Not quite my scene but down the side streets there are some gems and SOME of the bars have live music so it's not too bad. 
*Couvert - a standard starter in every restaurant but it's basically bread, sardine pate and olives and the prices range from 1.50€ to 3€ - perfect!!
*The People - I bloody LOVE the Portuguese, they are by far the friendliest people but some have a bad opinion on the Brits (I blame the people on the strip) but everyone welcomes you in with open arms

There we have my recommendations on places to eat and drink in Albufeira! Have you ever been to Portugal? 


  1. I've always wanted to visit Portugal. It looks so beautiful! xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    1. You should go!! Albufeira is extremely child friendly and really cheap!!xx

  2. I used to go to Albufeira as a child but haven't been since I was about twelve ! It's such a beautiful place and I can't wait to go back and explore as an adult! X

    Hollie |

    1. Ah amazing! You should definitely visit soon then!xx