8 October 2017

5 Reasons Why Florence Spoiled Me | Lifestyle

Tuscan Sunset

It's amazing what a year abroad can do to you, a year doesn't sound like  massive amount of time and in the grand scheme of things it's not but I must admit my year in Florence really has had an impact in these funny ways....

Coffee Snob...
Yeah, I really am! Like I can tolerate, even enjoy,  mochas or lattes because the coffee is watered down but imagine ordering an espresso and getting what actually turns up, it's a bloody shock to the system! This isn't localised to England, I've had them in Berlin and America, all just terrible!

Relaxed Lifestyle...
There was no rush for anything, if you were meeting pals it was always an Italian time which differs to an English time. For example, here I would meet a pal at like 8 but in Italy 8 could mean anywhere between 8-9 and that my friend is an Italian 8 o'clock! The pace was so much slower such a stark contrast to the chaos of London that I used to love so well. 

Work vs Home...
I literally lived a 15 minute walk away from my office, what a bloody glorious commute that was so now the thought of a commute longer than 15 mins fills me with dread! I feel like you waste so much of you time just getting to and from work that overall actually makes your working day far longer and I can't help but feel that is just a waste! To be honest, I can't blame Florence entirely with this one, I was very lucky but still! 

Getting a proper glass of prosecco...
Like what the hell? Why is it that in England I can only get a teeny tiny flute of prosecco, we treat it as if it's bloody champagne and it isn't! I want to walk into a bar and get a glass, not a thimble, but I proper glass of prosecco! Is that so much to ask for?

Cheap rent...
My apartment cost me 350 Euros a month, I rented one bedroom of a 3 bedroom apartment that had a large loft, balcony, a bathroom, a wet room along with the standard kitchen and living area which was also about a 30 minute walk to the Duomo! We have to consider the exchange rate was a little better last year but still seeing one bedroom apartments for like £850 a month in crappy awful locations is kinda hard to swallow right now! 

Florence you bloody spoiled me but I wouldn't change a damn thing about it!! 


  1. I am from Spain which I feel is a similar lifestyle, so relaxed and slow (in a good way!). I love going back home every few months to kind of de-stress from the chaos that is London! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Haha!! I must admit I have just started working in London again and it is rather chaotic!xx