4 October 2017

Solait Express Dark Tan | Beauty

Solait Express Dark Tan

It's been a while since I wrote about fake tanning on my little blog, so much so I don't even wanna delve through the archives to find the last one but I must admit recently I just kinda fancied trying the whole fake tan things again so I purchased the Superdrug Solait Express Tan As you guys know, I only use cruelty free products and fab news that all of the Superdrug own products are cruelty free! 

I was looking for a tan that would be quick and just do the job which is why I opted for the express version because the minimum amount of time you need for this product is 1 hour and the max is 3 hour before you can wash it off so pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I will just say that I'm not really into the rebrand of the lilac packaging, but that is a personal preference I like sleek, simplistic designs and this looks a little young in my opinion. 

Moving onto the actual product, I found this fake tan to have the same standard biscuity smell but with a slight tropical hint, pleasant but noticeable. Immediately I was really impressed with how easy the product buffed into the skin, I applied with a mitt but it smoothed over the skin perfectly and more importantly it was even! So I smothered my body in the stuff and left it for an hour before I jumped in the shower. As soon as the water hit me it was like the tan washed off completely, I was so annoyed and thought it was pointless but after reading that the tan continues to develop up to 8 hours after but I was so skeptical because I felt like it washed off entirely! HOWEVER, I can confirm it definitely did develop and left me with a very natural looking tan and the next day I thought I would whack some more on for good measure just for another hour again! Just to bear in mind, I'm pasty as hell so personally I wouldn't leave it for the maximum amount of time but I have used it for longer than an hour and I'm just as happy with the result. 

I frickin' love this fake tan, it doesn't look orange and fades incredibly well, it's possibly the most natural looking tan I have ever used and because it's a mousse consistency, it's so easy to work with. 

What fake tans do you like to use?

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