15 October 2017

The Remedy, London | Lifestyle

The Remedy

I almost don't wanna tell you about this little gem because it is just so cosy and perfect, today I am talking about possibly the best wine bar I have visited in London called The Remedy. I know that is a pretty bold statement I know, but the reason why this bar is so good is because it is unknown, small and personal. It's in this little corner of nowhere that you could easily walk past without a second thought but my pal works really close there so he decided we had to pay a visit. 

One thing I really miss about being in Italy is to be able to walk into a wine bar and just have wine and have some nibbles, to be presented a random wine list where the staff actually ask you what you are looking for! Oh my heart!!!! The staff were really lovely and we were lucky to find a seat in the corner of the bar! The wine list was bloody long and had some great options from across the world, we of course needed a little help from the staff who were more than happy to share their knowledge. I have to be honest with you guys here, this place is not cheap, this night was very indulgent so much so I felt a little bad but it was 100% worth it. We opted for a dry red wine from Tenerife which is a region I never considered for wine, and whilst is was a very dry red it had a light fruitiness to it that I really loved and needless to say it was just over the £50 mark (eeeek) but it was delicious! After shelling out for the wine we decided to have a few nibbles to go with it. 

The Remedy Meat and Cheese Platter
The Remedy Crostini

I love meat and cheese and I don't care who knows it!! When I see a meat platter you best believe I'm gonna order it. The only problem is I can't quite remember what the exact meats and cheeses were but they were also served with a selection of bread. Some of the cheeses were soft that you could spread which included sheep's cheese. The Blue cheese was rather pungent that gave you a bit of a slap as soon as you bit into it, personally not a fave but the softer blue cube and the hard cheese were perfect. Of course the meat selection was great as well including a variety of different salamis and if that wasn't enough we ordered one extra thing which was the burrata and speck sourdough crostini! The combination of burrata and speck was just so Italian that I had to have it and I was NOT disappointed. The burrata was so creamy it almost seemed melted or spreadable, just perfect with lashings of speck. The one tiny thing I would have changed were the red onions, they were raw and I would have served this is either balsamic vinegar drizzled with honey or the onions cooked and caramelised but this said it was delicious regardless. 

There we have my little review on this incredible wine bar in London, where I easily spent far too much money but The Remedy was totally worth it!! 

What's your favourite wine bar? 

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