29 October 2017

Back In London | Lifestyle

Yes you read that correctly, I have given up the "work from home job" and decided to head back into the commuter chaos of London and I literally couldn't be happier! A few weeks ago I wrote about wanting to make some changes in my life and there were 5 key things that I wanted to change and one was definitely my career. It wasn't so much of a career change but more of am attempt to find my passion again, I missed being brand side and I missed fashion so I applied for a couple of role and got my utter dream job! 

Don't get me wrong, getting a new job is always hard because it's new and you have to make a good impression and then you have to pass probation but this was without a doubt the correct decision for me to make! Some people would think that giving up working from home daily is crazy but honestly it's just not for me! I missed people, I missed that routine and when I worked from home I just kinda felt like I let myself go and kinda forgot who I even was because it didn't matter because no one ever saw me! 

I work close to Oxford St which mean I get to pass all the wonderful fashion shops but I also get to see the street styles and different influences, I am not the most fashionable person at all but I do like fashion, I do like the latest trends even though I may not wear them, if that makes sense!? Also, now I walk around a lot more and eat less, I feel like I am looking more like me again, still early days though need to lose a lot more weight to feel more me but I am heading in the right direction!  

One thing I have been more cautious of is making sure I still have a good work/life balance, I don't want to get too obsessed with London again, I still have my wonderful bf that I want to spend time with and my glorious pals but it's just going to take a little time to get the right balance! 

I just thought I would give a quick update, I'm still new into my role so I still have lots of hard work to do but I'm so much happier and feel like I'm going in a positive direction! 


  1. CONGRATS!! Starting a new job (specially if it's your dream one) is always so exciting! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

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