22 October 2017

Suda Thai Cafe Restaurant, Covent Garden | Food

My name is Toni and I love Thai food and I don't care who knows it! Now that's out of the way, I think it's time to write about my utterly delicious trip to Suda Thai Cafe Restaurant near Covent Garden. All this year I have been banging on about how much I want a good chicken pad Thai to my bf and because he was probably sick of hearing me moan he decided to book a table at this restaurant for my birthday and I was bloody thrilled! 

I've never been to Suda before but after reading the menu I literally couldn't wait and had decided what I was having before we even turned up to the place! We booked the table online but to be honest the place is pretty big so if you went at like 7ish I would think they could probably squeeze you in anyway but it's always best to book anyway! 

Doesn't that just make your mouth water?  For starters we opted for the Suda sharing platter which has actually changed a little since we had it, online the menu says that the platter includes A selection of our signature starters :chicken satay, kanom jeeb, duck roll, fish cake, prawn cake & chicken on toast but as you can see ours had these little sweetcorn cake things but basically everything else was the same and it was heavenly! The flavours were so good and it was just enough for the both of us but we did also order some Thai crackers as well, for good measure! 

For main I just had to have my chicken pad Thai, slight disclaimer I started eating before I took a picture and realised last minute which is why it's a cropped picture of the pad Thai because the parts out of shot were devoured by me! The chicken breast was cooked really well, juicy and even had a little bit of skin on! The peanut dressing had a real sweetness to it which mellowed out the chilli a little and then coupled with the noodles this dish was an utter delight! 

Of course this all HAD to be washed down with just one or two cocktails, I had the Lady Gaga and the bf had Suda Passion! Yummy and strong! What more can a gal need? In total the meal came to around £60 (I think) which isn't the cheapest but it is London and the meal was incredible! I would definitely go to Suda again! 

What is your favourite cuisine?  


  1. Oh my GOODNESS, this food looks absolutely insane! I've never really had Thai before but I love the look of the chicken pad thai!


    1. I am ALL about a chicken pad thai dear!!! So good!xx