18 September 2014

A week away...

I've decided I'm going to have a week away from blogging and most things digital, this is partly because I'm going to go away to see my grandparents up north in Doncaster and they don't have internet. However I am also doing this because I think it's good to have a little break, have a little refresh and come back inspired. 

I've not had a break this year at all and I don't mean from blogging I actually mean from work and life. I started a new job in December last year and I've not really had any time off nor actually been away on holiday. So now is a good time to just take a week off and relax, I've not seen my grandparents at all this year so it'll be lovely just to spend some time with them and you know what it's like when you visit grandparents, you get well and truly spoiled. 

However, I will be tweeting my links to older posts over the week and of course adding pictures on instagram so feel free to follow me:

  • Twitter - @honeypotblogs
  • Instagram - honeypot_blogs

You'll see some new posts when I get back next weekend. 

Have a fab week. 

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