2 September 2014

Big Fat Healthy Hair Shampoo & Conditioner | Review

If you read my previous Boot Haul post you will know that I was going to try out Lee Stafford's My Big Fat Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner to see whether it really could give my hair added volume. 

My hair is pretty flat, it's not very thick but I like to try volumising shampoos and conditioners to see whether they really can do anything for my hair. So this month I thought I would try out this brand, generally speaking I have heard a lot of good reviews about Lee Stafford products as a whole so I thought this was a pretty safe option. 

The product claims to boost the hairs body and texture whilst making it a little glossy and add a bit of shine. I though I would give this product a good go and try it out for nearly a month to see whether I did notice any difference. 

The product smells really lovely, kinda sweet and floral but a really nice fresh scent and when I was rubbish the conditioner in it almost foams up a little bit which is quite difference from other conditioners which i really like. The shampoo is a bit weird because it's see through, I'm not sure I like that because I like to see how much I'm putting in my hand so I know not to use too much but it's ok. 

After blowing drying my hair, it does look good and this shampoo and conditioner definitely makes my hair really soft, it's gorgeous. But the one thing it doesn't do is make my hair look any thicker, at all. It's such a shame because I do think it's a really nice product and had it just be for normal hair I think I would be in love but it doesn't make my hair look any thicker what so ever. It just kinda makes it a little knotty, which I'm not sure whether this is part of the formula to add more texture but I'm really not a fan unfortunately.  

I won't be buying this product again but I definitely would try more Lee Stafford products because they are nice but this one doesn't do what it says it does. 

Have you tried My Big Fat Healthy Hair?

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