7 September 2014

Homemade Onion Bread | Recipe

I've always loved the idea of baking bread but I haven't done it since I was about 13 at school and even then they didn't turn out that great so I thought it's about time I try it out again. 

I went to a farm last weekend and as were were looking through the shop they had all these different types of flours, from Apple and Cinnamon to Tomato and Basil, each one smelled amazing. But I was kinda drawn to the simple Onion flour because it reminds me of a time where me an my dad always used to go to another farm of a weekend and buy the most amazing loaves of bread my fave was the Cheese and Onion loaf. 

I like the fact it came with a little recipe, however I didn't quite follow this one but it is handy. 

But I thought I would take you through how I made my bread, but I will just stress, this hasn't turned out amazingly! It's ok, but for my first attempt it's pretty good. 


  • 500g of this onion flour
  • 12g of yeast
  • 40g of soft butter
  • Large pinch of salt
  • 300ml of tepid water
Nice easy and simple recipe which is what I like. The thing that's the problem is how bloody long you have to leave the dough to prove and how long you should knead it. 

You simply mix all the dry ingredients including the butter together and then add about half of the water. This is where it gets bloody messy, you gotta get your hands in. Start getting the mixture together and making sure you a picking up all of the flour on the side of the bowl. Keep adding the rest of the water little by little to the mixture. Don't add all the water at once, the job is messy enough without excess water. 

Once you have the dough in a pretty solid form, it's time to knead it. On a clean surface just sprinkle with a little plain flour and start working the dough. You wanna make sure that you are really stretching the dough. Personally I would say to do this for at least 5 mins, at least. 

Then you move it into a bowl, put a bit of clingfilm over the top and put it in a warm place 

It kinda looks small, but you need to double in size at least which is why you need it in a warm place, I left mine in there for an hour and this is how it looked after

Once it has doubled, you've gotta knock all that air out of it and get kneading again. I think I didn't knead the second time for long enough which is something I'm going to make sure I do next time. 

Then I transferred mine onto a baking tray and left it in a war place for another 40 mins to get it to rise again. 

I made a couple of little cuts into my loaf but I know think they could have been a little longer. I put it in the oven on gas mark 7 for about 20-22mins. 

The problem I had was the top of my loaf burned a little so next time I'm gonna make a little tin foil hat for it and put it on about 10 mins before it's finished. 

The result 

As you can see a little bit of a burnt top and the onion bits caught as well, but the inside still looks pretty good right?

This was my first attempt and I am going to do a few things differently next time but I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Any tips for baking bread?

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