4 September 2014

Bourjois Dissolvant Miraculeux | Review

Ok guys I know what you're thinking "she's a bit late to the party" but yes I have just discovered the magic of nail varnish remover in a pot in the form of Bourjois Dissolvant Miraculeux.

A little pot of magical bliss

I love to paint my nails but recently I've been finding it hard to get into a good routine of painting them because I get home late or I do something after work, most of the time I simply cannot be bothered of remove the polish let alone paint them. 

The other day I was just wasting time in Superdrug when I saw this, I have read so many reviews on this product and I actually had chipped nail polish on so I though I would give it a go. 

I got back into the office and thought whilst it was quiet I would just try it out, I was so impressed. You literally stick you finger in the little hole, which in cases your nail with sponge and twist the pot around maybe 2 times, remove you finger and boom! It's all gone. It's that simple, it's that great!  I was that impressed I went running around to other girls in the office to show them, they were all equally as impressed. I have to mention another thing I love about this product is, it actually doesn't have a "nail polish remover" smell, well if you sniff the pot it does, but you shouldn't be sniffing from the pot anyway. It almost leaves an oil on your finger tips, that smells of fruit it's actually really nice. 

I wouldn't quite say it's a "1 second" nail polish remover but it's about a 2 or 3 second remover which is still impressive and far less messy. I'm not sure how glitter is going to fair with this product but I don't really wear a lot of glitter polishes so it doesn't matter too much. I will say it's on the fractionally pricey side of things at £4.99 but I do think it's worth it. 

This is going to make my nail polish life so much easier. 

Have you tried the Bourjois Dissolvant Miraculeux yet?