15 September 2014

September Birchbox | Review

One of my favourite times of the month as arrived, no not payday, my other fave, Birchbox Delivery Day. Birchbox has once again gone with a theme and this time it was Happy Days. I must admit seeing the box and the vibrant colours did make me happy. 

After I was left a little disappointed from my last Birchbox my hopes weren't that high for this one, but when I saw the theme and saw the little spoilers, I started to get very excited again.

I really enjoy when Birchbox gets into a theme and always try to reuse the prettiest boxes, so you know I'm going to have to use this one for storage. There was a lot of speculation about what would be in this one so I thought I would show you what I recieved in mine. 

Benefits, It's Potent eye cream

Starting with the thing I was most happy to recieve and that was the Benefits, It's Potent eye cream. I absolutely love Benefit samples, most brands spend very little on their samples with regards to packaging but Benefit always stays true to it's brand and put just as much effort in the sample as the full sized versions. This is a teeny tiny sample but it's in a gorgeous little glass jar, I'm so gonna keep and use again. Packaging is a massively important thing for me hence why I am rambling. 

I haven't actually tried this product before, but I've heard some amazing reviews it's supposed to banish dark circles so I'm really excited to try this one out, it smells really nice as well, really fresh. 

Plush Therapy Mid Dermabrasion Face and Body scrub

This face and body scrub has Italian olive granules, which is quite a cute sample. The only thing is because it's small I could probably only use this on my face but as I don't use scrubs on my face I'm just going to have to use this sparingly on my body. Maybe a couple of days after I've had a leg wax or something but I always love a body scrub. 

Model Co lip lacquer

I also recieved Model Co lip lacquer in the shade Morocco, which I felt a little indifferent about. I quite like the shade though, it's got a slight autumnal feel about it. I'm not the biggest fan of lipglosses mainly because I wear my hair down a lot and the wind always blows the wrong way and I end up with my hair stuck to my lips, NEVER a good look. When I pulled the wand out of the tube it was incredibly stringy, gloopy and messy so I was a bit reluctant to try it but was won over by the way it looked on. It's a really pretty shade, but I've just got to make sure I don't use too much of it at once. 

Korres Shower Gel 

This was the only thing I wasn't happy to see when I opened my box which is the Korres shower gel in Citrus. I've actually discussed this with a pal , who loves the Korres shower gels and to be honest I'm sure it's great but it's the scent I don't like. I actually received the Korres body milk in the citrus scent several Birchboxes ago and I just couldn't get on with it. It smells a bit manly for me, I like floral or sweet scents and I like shower gels to be quite creamy and moisturising so this just isn't for me.  

I am however going to give it to my mum, she likes these types of scents.

Agave Healing Oil

Moving swiftly onto Agave healing oil for hair. To be honest, I don't know much about the brand or the product but if it's supposed to help with my hair I'm willing to try. The oil smells amazing, literally almost edible so I've very excited to try this out on my hair. I have quite bad ends in teh sense they always split, year of straightening it everyday is to blame. Now I am trying to be a bit better and nicer to my hair so I can't wait to try this out. 

And finally onto the fun lifestyle pieces, Urban Fruit Strawberries and Birchbox photograph holder. I was so happy when I saw the Urban Fruits and even more some when I realised they were strawberries, I love Urban Fruit and most dried fruits to be honest, so I'm going to devour these in seconds. The photo clip I'm probably never going to use, but it's a nice touch and I love the it kept with the theme. 

Overall a pretty good box. 

What did you get in yours this month?

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