17 September 2014

Benefit Fake Up | Review

I've been looking to a little while to fine something that I could just use around my eyes to cover the dark circles a bit but my massive bug bear is that most shades are slightly too orange for my skin tone. I never think to look at Benefit's range, though I spend a disgusting amount of time in Boots but not every Boots sell Benefit products. 

I was recently given a gift by one of my work colleagues which was the Benefit's Fake Up concealer.

This product is a little different in the sense the concealer is actually encased in a hydrating balm, which kinda reminds me of Vaseline. This is  the lightest shade of 3 and I'm pretty impressed with how it blends as I was sure it was going to be too orange again but it's really not. 

Another thing I was worried about was that this product could be a little too oily, it's incredibly hydrating but how would that actually work on my skin? Not that bad actually, though it does leave some residue on the skin its very easy to rub in and doesn't make the area around your eyes look shiny at all. Pretty impressive. I have read quite a few different reviews, some say it had great coverage and others say the coverage is rubbish but for me, it works really well. I'll be honest, I don't have massively dark circles under my eyes, but more often then not I do have slightly darker circles and a couple of bags hanging "lovingly" under each eye so this works for me.

I will say you don't need a lot of this product under the eye, the more you add the greasier it will get, so just a quick swipe under each eye works really well. 

Have you tried Benefit's Fake Up concealer?

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  1. Iv heard a few mixed reviews on this product. I had trouble finding a good concealer for under my eyes. Iv just done a post called "concealer city" on the best and worst iv found x
    Emma | Everything Beauty