23 October 2014

Lost and Found | Neckace

Do you ever get it when you're sitting around doing something when all of a sudden you remember losing item years ago and you know for sure you still have it but cannot remember where it is but you have the biggest urge to find it? 

In my case it's almost always jewellery, as a child I got some lovely items from my family but I was always so fearful of losing them that I would often put them in a safe place for years and just completely forget about them. In fact once I remember the object/item I get a little frantic and restless until I can find it again. 

This happened to me recently, out of nowhere I remembered a necklace that my Nan and Grandad bought me as a birthday/Christmas gift when I was around 9 or 10. It was the only thing that ever had my name on it. Finding my name has always been pretty hard, my name is Toni, thought it's not the most unusual name but I can guarantee that you will find hundreds of Tony things but rarely fine the feminine version of the name - Toni. 

I found this in a watch box with my Grandad's watch, I remember putting it in there because when he died I was about 11, I took incredibly hard so I wanted to keep the two together and I literally haven't worn it since I was 11. 

I must admit it needs a bit of a clean, I did run it under the tap and gently wiped it with a cloth, but it needs a little bit more of a deeper clean. 

I'm so happy I found it again, when I put it on it sits high on my chest, pretty close to my throat, it has got a very short chain, perfect for an 11 year old, though I'm obviously not 11 anymore. I never wear gold which is a little annoying, I much prefer white gold/silver but the chain is so short it will probably stay under my clothes anyway, I will wear it every now and then and think of very happy memories.

How you found anything recently that you had forgotten about?


  1. Such a lovely post! I keep all my grandma's old jewellery in a drawer at home, I could never stand losing it!

    1. Ah thanks Hannah! My problem is that I store things away in a safe place then just forget where I put it! Haha!xx