7 October 2014

Queen Bee | Candle Holder

I really love homewear items and usually the more neutral the better, in fact you can see my love of all things cream in my bedroom tour.

However I was away in Doncaster and I saw a shop called Additions and it was having a "closing down sale". Just from the window I could see that was a lot of neutral/cream items so I thought I must go in there. To be honest, a lot of the stuff didn't really interest but I did happen to see the gorgeous black and gold candle holders, they really stood out. 

Oh yes, you can call me Queen Bee!

I don't know why I love it as much as I do but there was just something that I thought this would look great in my room which is an ocean of magnolia. I loved the little honeybee of course, but the black an gold just stood out. They had 3 different sizes and this was the smallest of the 3 just big enough to fit (snugly) one tea light. I must admit I was kind of torn whether i should buy one or two. I mean I like a bit of symmetry but I couldn't envision two in my room. I was actually thinking how nice this would look on a cream shelf with a couple of books and this just sitting on the end. 

This originally was £1.99 and I got it for £1.49, not a massive saving but I think it's a pretty good price actually. I love it!

What homewear item have you bought recently?


  1. Its so pretty! Bet it looks lovely with a candle lit in it. I love shopping for homeware.
    Emma | Everything Beauty

    1. It looks so lovely with a candle lit! Ah me too, I've got a real think for homewear at the moment! Thanks for reading!xx

  2. It looks so pretty. I love the matt of the black. I think the bee design would look amazing as decoration on a matt black manicure! I recently got my hands candles which didn't smell as nice as I'd hoped, and I've gotten into this thing of picking up inspirational quotes in pretty frames or vintage-style signs whenever I see them.

    Life of A Pearl

    1. Oh my god you're right they would look so cute as a nail design! Thanks for having a look!xx

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