2 October 2014

Sally Hansen - Airbrush Legs | Review

I love a bit of fake tan and am not shy to using it but recently I forgot to take it with me when I went away. I didn't really fancy buying some more however I thought I would check out to see whether my local Asda had anything when I came across the Sally Hansen - Airbrush Legs.

I've always wanted to try this product as it's not quite a fake tan but more like "make up for legs" but the really impressive thing was the price. In Asda this product was knocked down to £1.50 instead of £7! The one thing I will say about the selection Asda had was that they didn't have a very good shade range, but still for that price I had to try it out and I went for the lightest shade available which was Tan Glow. 

The can instructs to spray the product on your hand first before applying which I was a little worried about because as soon as I sprayed it on it was an incredibly dark brown liquid and all I could think of was having fake tan hands which is awful! Personally, I would never use my hands to apply this product again, it didn't stain my hand at all it washed off perfectly actually but it doesn't leave a flawless look on my legs, it goes a little patchy. I will definitely use a mitt next time. 

It only takes 60 seconds to dry but I will admit, this particular shade is a little too orange for me but it wasn't awful.

I would definitely like to try this Sally Hansen - Airbrush Legs in a different slightly lighter shade because over all it is a good product, it lasted very well I was really impressed and I'm just going to use a mitt next time. 

Have you tried Airbrush Legs?

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