26 October 2014

Flower Power | Lifestyle

This wasn't what I had originally scheduled for this weekend but hey life has a wonderful way of throwing a spanner in the works. But I thought I would just share with you my love of flowers.

This post is partly inspired by a friend as she bought be a gorgeous bunch of flowers when I was feeling somewhat down.

But that's the wonderful thing about flowers, it's the way they can cheer you up almost instantly and it's the thought that just means the most. I'm not saying they can fix how you are feeling entirely but they can certainly help to make you smile. I love the bright colours, but my room is very minimalistic with a lot of creams and magnolia which is why it is always so lovely to have something to add a touch of colour and life to a corner of somewhere.

I think it's safe to say that roses are my absolute favourite flower, which is a bit of a typical girl thing to say because most girls love roses but they genuinely are. Whether they are pink roses, red roses, yellow roses, peach roses I don't care, I just love them. But I like the way the petals are structured, several different petals all folder into each other creating spirals and layers.

I also love simple garden flowers too, I think nothing looks better than a garden in full bloom. A couple of years ago I turned into a very keen gardener but of course I got a little bored with that over time, life just gets in the way. I now understand why my grandparent's garden looks amazing, they have the time.

 I love love love the colour of these Hydrangeas! 

I just thought I would share with you some pictures, so if you're feeling as rubbish as I was this week, here have some virtual flowers to help make you smile. 

What flowers do you love?


  1. My mum always had flowers in the house when I was growing up so I do appreciate my gerberas and roses! I got a beautiful vase as a house warming present when I moved into my new flat last month & I've been buying flowers fortnightly if needed - they're not as expensive as people would think! And you're so right, they do cheer me up so much (especially when its cold out!) xx

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    1. I totally agree, I don't think they are that expensive!! Thanks for reading my love!xx

  2. What a lovely little post! Gorgeous piccys! xx