15 October 2014

Charlotte Tilbury - Bitch Perfect | Lipstick

I did it, I've bought a Charlotte Tilbury product! I cannot seem to get away from all these fabulous products that I just had to buy something when payday rolled around. 

What a beauty ay!?

I had been spending a fair amount of time on the Charlotte Tilbury website which I actually really love and I know everyone has been raving about the matte lipsticks but matte lips just aren't for me, soz! I've been wanting a new lipstick, I'm only just exploring with lip colours, I'm all about the eyes but I really fell in love with Bitch Perfect Lipstick. 

It's a kind of nude shade, but I'd say it's a few more orange tones than pink but it just looks so gorgeous on. 

I had to be careful with this lipstick because when I just whacked it straight on my lips I think I was a little heavy handed and it just didn't look right. The packaging actually suggests you apply this with the lip brush so the second time round I took heed of the instructions and it looked perfect...Bitch Perfect! I must admit I don't technically own a lip brush, I have too many face and eye brushes but I did actually have a very small Real Techniques detailer brush which is a bit small but it kinda does the job. Also I have found that when I just dab this lipstick on and gentle run my finger over my lips it also looks really good. 

I have to admit that this lipstick is a little more matte than I thought it would be, it's far glossier in the pictures online than what it is in real life, but it's still really lovely. If you don't like a bit of shimmer then this lipstick isn't for you, it has a real nice sparkle to it but not too in your face, so fear not. 

I'm incredibly happy with this product and love love love the packaging, you can't go wrong with rose gold.

What Charlotte Tilbury products would you reccomend?


  1. I adore the packaging, the colour of the lippy looks fab! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

    1. Oh me too!!! Charlotte Tilbury's packaging for all of her products is just gorgeous! Thanks for reading!!xx

  2. I love charlotte tilbury make up! The packaging is amazing too!

    Charlotte //

    1. It's such good quality, I'm really impressed with this lipstick! Thanks for reading!!xx