5 March 2015

HealGel | Beauty

If you have read my January Birchbox review you'll know that I was going to review the HealGel Intensive product separately.

Apologies for the naked nails! 

I have heard a lot about this brand, but I've never used any HealGel products before, so I was really happy to recieve this beauty. However it is a tiny 5ml sample, but I expect this from Birchbox, you're not always going to get a full sized product and that's fine. However as mentioned in my previous post I really disliked the fact you got very little information on how to use the product. You just get the basic words that it soothes, repairs and protects and that's about it. 

That's just my little gripe as I find packaging incredibly important, however I did do a little digging and just figured I'd use it on any problem areas. In January I had just come back from New York and I found that my legs were incredibly dry, they always dry out in winter because I walk around in tights and trousers/leggings so I thought that this would be the best place to try it first. 

First thing I noticed was the scent, it's very fresh but delicate which I actually prefer to over powering strong scents. This product claims to have an organic silicone formula which acts as a barrier to protect the damaged skin which I actually agree with. Intensive isn't a greasy formula, it almost melts into the skin but when it dries it actually feels like there is a little layer over the area.  

After a few uses I found that it did actually help my skin however because the product was so small I was actually using my favourite moisturiser too so I can't actually say that this product solely helped the skin on my legs but I think it probably helped them from drying out further whilst my Dove moisturiser repaired the damaged skin. 

This product is nice, but personally it's too small of a sample to really confirm whether it's worth the £37.50 price tag. I'm glad I used it and I would be open to trying out more from HealGel, but I'm not in a massive rush to buy anything. 

What are your favourite products from HealGel?

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