1 March 2015

A day in London | Lifestyle

Last weekend me and my dad went up London, to The Shard and to have a bit of wander. For Christmas I bought him The Shard tickets because he has always wanted to go up there. He was born and raised in London, so bloody loves the place which is where I think I get my passion for it from. I managed to take a couple of pictures just of random bits that we did. 

First stop we had to go to Borough Market, its like the best food market EVER! Bold statement I know but it's just so lovely. Various different foods, from ready to eat, to cold cuts, to bread to raw meat. They have it all and it was booming! I must say I had a little treat of some macaroons.

We then had a little wander around Southwark Cathedral, I do just love looking around churches and cathedrals so much history and just generally really pretty. I love that the front of this building is covered in flint. 

Then we moved onto The Shard, it was really hard to take pictures because everything was behind glass so the reflection was always present but the view was literally amazing.  My dad really enjoyed it, would definitely recommend if you haven't been up there already.

We then had to stop for a bit of lunch of course, my dad wanted to try out Wagamama and I bloody love noodles so we went on a hunt to find one. 

Then we just had a bit of a wander down some random streets just taking it all in, we actually found this tiny little garden in the middle of all these office blocks it was so out of place but so pretty at the same time. 

And finally, no trip to London would be complete without a walk along the southbank stopping to have a look at the book stalls. 

Such a lovely day, I work in London but I never really get a chance to just walk around and properly explore. 

Where do you love to go in London?


  1. Looks like to you a lovely day of exploring. I love wandering around the markets in Camden Town, so many people and such a wide range of stalls. It's never the same twice. I still haven't managed to go up and have a look from The Shard even though I live quite close! Stephen :o)

    1. Oh I love Camden, I really like a restaurant called Shakazulu there! You must go up The Shard!! Thanks for reading Stephen xx

  2. Loving the old architecture. London is such a historical city, It's a beautiful place to visit.

    1. Oh I completely agree! I love the fact that you could be walking down the street surrounded by modern office blocks and then turn a corner and stumble on something over 100 years old! Thanks for reading!xx