26 March 2015

MicroCell - Nail Repair | Beauty

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that I love to paint my nails, normally always an Essie polish but over time constant painting and removing of the polish it does take it's toll on my nails. 

I was recently intorduced to  MicroCell Nails* who is German nail repair brand that is just being introduced into the UK market. They offer a wide range of products  which include polishes that have calcium and seaweed infused into the product, acetone-free removers, professional and safe files, at-home gel polishes and nail colours that actually repair your nails as you wear them. Which is pretty impressive if I'm honest as with most nail repair polishes they are always a clear colour. 

Let's start with the MircoCell base coat, I must admit I have tried my fair share of base coats and right now I am loving Essie's repair version of this but personally I don't think you can ever have too many nail polishes that repair your nails. Though this is a small sample you actually get quite a lot of product because it's quite a runny consistency. 

I loved how quick this dried, I don't know whether it's supposed to dry that quick but it's great for me. It leaves my nails incredibly shiny which is lovely and I must admit they felt very protected. I know it's hard to comment on whether this polish chips because it's a clear polish but I wore this for over a week an noticed my nails chipped maybe two times which is pretty good. I must admit my nails looked in pretty good condition only after 1 week and after 2 weeks I could actually feel a difference they definitely felt so much stronger. 

Moving onto this gorgeous berry shade, this nail polish contain calcium and silicium for stronger nails and I received the colour Raspberry Kiss. Loving the name I must admit! I really like the idea that this polish has that added extra to help protect my nails. 

Typically my nails tend to flake and lift which is really annoying because it means my polish doesn't last very long so I'm really excited to try this out to see whether it does help with the condition of my nails. I really like the colour, to be honest I haven't worn any dark/berry shades for quite sometime so it was nice to receive this colour too. The polish again dries really quickly and I'd say you need two coats for this deep berry shade. I love how it looks incredibly glossy without even adding a top coat. I did however find that it chipped a little quicker but I think this is because the condition of my nails are quite poor right now. 

The one thing I will note about the packaging is that the colour used for the content on the back was a dark colour which made it incredibly hard to read against the berry shade but maybe this is just because it's a sample size?

I'm going to save the cuticle pen for another post because otherwise this would be incredibly long so have a look next week!

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this brand. It's one I've never heard of before but I would consider buying other products from them, it'd be nice to see whether they are going to bring out some more colours. Plus MircoCell has the added extra of actually protecting your nails as well, you can't go wrong!

Have you heard of MircoCell before?

*This was a PR sample however all views are my own


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