3 March 2015

Formula X Top Coat in Turbulent | Nails

This post is inspired by my lovely friend Tineal, she recently went to America and came back with this gorgeous little gift from Sephora for me, a beautiful Formula X top coat in the colour Turbulent.

The picture really doesn't do this justice of how pretty is it, the blue pieces are just so lovely, like a sky blue almost and I adore the way it's mixed with jet black pieces too. 

Quite often I paint my nails and always do one nail a different colour or I add glitter just to the tips so this Formula X product is actually perfect for me. I don't actually own anything from the brand which is why it'll be such a treasured addition. 

I also noticed that when I put it over my nails it dried incredibly quick and I don't know whether it's supposed to have that added extra or it just dries quicker than what I am used to with other nail polishes but it's perfect.

At first I didn't know which shade would be best to put it over the top of, I have Mint Candy Apple, black shades, red shades but then the blue pieces wouldn't stand out as much. So I had a bit of a play around and decided it works best on these two colours. 

On the left is Essie Go Ginza and on the right is Essie Fiji

Just so pretty aren't they. I kinda think it works with both shade but I think I am loving Turbulent over the top of Go Ginza slightly more. 

What do you think?

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