17 March 2015

London Butterflies Salt Scrub | Beauty

When I received this in my Birchbox a few months ago I was incredibly excited. London Butterflies isn't really a brand I've heard before but I just love body scrubs, it was a great size too you get quite a lot of product in it.

Firstly the scent is gorgeous, it has a very sweet scent of almonds which is always lovely. It is also a sea salt scrub, which I prefer natural to artificial particles because that can be quite damaging to the skin. I also noticed that this scrub wasn't as runny as other I have used previously, in the jar this stuff doesn't budge at all.

It was love at first scrub! I tried this on my legs first, it almost has a gel/hair wax like consistency but when you start rubbing it literally melts into your skin, it feels so nice. I just kept rubbing until the salt had dissolved and then with my exfoliating gloves just and removed any excess. The almond oil still stays on the skin making it feel quite luxurious and smooth.

The thing that did surprise me is that sweet scent almost disappeared entirely when applied onto the skin, but in all fairness I was sitting in a Lush Comforter Bubble Bar bath which has an incredibly strong fruity scent so perhaps I just didn't pick up on the London Butterflies scrub.

The real wow factor was how smooth my legs were the morning after, I mean my entire body felt good but my legs really felt another level smoother and softer, I have quite dry skin on my legs in winter so I really feel that this scrub helped nourish them. 

I've managed few uses from this little 34g sample but I am seriously considering making a purchase.

Have you tried anything from London Butterflies before?

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