8 March 2015

Pamper Session | Lifestyle

I was ill recently, I don't know how! I'm working really hard at the gym, eating really well and now I get ill, I blame the germy commuters on my trains in the morning.

So today I thought I would share with you this week's pampering session, when you are feeling a little run down I always think it's good to have a relaxing bath and just treat yourself/body/skin.

First things first, the bath - you know it has to be a comforting bubble bath which means the only option is Lush Comforter Bubble Bar, you know it makes sense. I love the scent of this bar it's fruity and fresh which instantly peps me up a little bit.

As I'm running the bath, I always exfoliate my face with the Simple Face Scrub, it's gentle and always works well for me. After I have done this I just use the Simple face mask and then jump straight into the bath.

This time around I thought it would be a good idea to try out the Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer  my hair has been looking a little drab lately, it's constantly being pulled back into a pony tail with no real styling done. You are supposed to leave it in your hair for 10-20 mins before shampooing so bath time is probably the best time to use this stuff as you aren't doing anything anyway.

And then I just relax.

When it start drawing towards the end of my bath I think focus on my body. I'm a massive fan of using scrubs and/or glove exfoliators for my body, I always feel so much better after a good scrub and this time I am trying out Butterflies London salt scrub, which I will be writing a full review on so keep a look out next week.

Then once I am out I always follow up with my favourite Dove moisturiser.

What are your bath time pampering favorites?


  1. I am literally putting a post live this week like this haha! Great minds think alike ;) I love any LUSH product in my bath! xx

    1. Haha!!! They do indeed Olivia! ;) You simply can't go wrong with a Lush product!xx

  2. That simple face mask saves my skin I swear!
    Emma xo |

    1. It's just so nourishing isn't it? Definitely a favourite of mine! Thanks for reading my dear!xx