19 March 2015

Urban Decay - Perversion | Beauty

This came in my Naked On The Run palette, I have never tried Urban Decay Perversion before but I've actually heard quite a lot of good things about it. Technically it's more of a travel/sample sized product to fit in the palette but I think that's really great because I can try it out see if I love it and if I do I can buy it. 

I actually quite like the brush on this mascara, I haven't used a fluffy brush like this in quite some time, I always use the plastic bristled brushes.

When I first applied Perversion I was quite shocked at how much I liked it, I expected it to make my eyelashes clump together like most of these type of brushes do. But I found that this mascara actually did a really good job of separating my lashes, and I mean each individual lash. When I was done with the first coat I loved at how voluminous my lashes looked but for me they didn't have that "wow" factor that I always go for. It was only when I applied the second coat after the first coat drying that really gave me some impact. This product's tag line is "Bigger. Blacker. Badder" lashes and you know what I have to agree.

I'm quite fortunate because I have long eyelashes anyway so can wear most mascaras, I think if your eyelashes need a bit more curl I don't think this would work as well for you. 

I find with some mascaras after two coats of the product my eyelashes are pretty stiff because they are coated in the product but what I found with Perversion is that my eyelashes still remained quite soft, though they are perfectly coated in product and look amazing they aren't stiff and hard when you touch them. It's a great lightweight product.   

I really actually love this Urban Decay Perversion mascara, so much so I'm even considering buying a full sized one. I love that the Naked On The Run palette is opening my eyes a little more to Urban Decay as a whole. 

Have you tried Perversion?


  1. I have the full size of this and although it isn't my favourite ever mascara, it is an amazing one! x
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Now you must tell me what your favourite mascara is!? :) Thanks for reading! xx

    2. It has to be the Loreal Telescopic! xx