17 September 2017

Autumn Dress Wishlist* | Fashion

Guys, we are officially in my favourite season which is of course Autumn but I don't just mean the leaves and colour I mean the fashion, personally Spring/Summer cannot compare to Autumn/Winter which is why I'm gonna share with you some great AW dresses that are definitely on my wishlist... 

1. This gorgeous floral dress is from Warehouse and I'm kinda obsessed! The thing is of course I love black, but I like my dresses just to have a little something extra about them. The sleeves coupled with the floral pattern is definitely a bit of me! 

2. I don't know what it is but I am loving leather lately and this leather skater dress I think is so nice because you could easily put a white long sleeved body suit underneath it which would look so cute! 

3. This embroidered beauty is from New Look and I mean just bloody look at it, it would apear I have a thing for black dresses with flowers over the top. I never really god into the whole embroidery trend but this kinda style I could totally get into 

4. A little something special from Topshop, let's face it in Autumn and winter there are often industry drinks or special occasions that you want to look nice for but you also know that it's a bit chilly outside so don't want anything too short and I think this dress is perfect 

5. I bloody love a bit of lace and this dress is almost a nod towards to the Self Portrait style of dress that dominated last year but it's at a fraction of the price because it's from H&M. Again this dress is definitely more of an occasion dress but I still really like it!! 

What's your favourite season for fashion? 

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