6 September 2017

Silicone Brush Cleaner | Beauty

Silicone Brush Cleaner

Cleaning brushes is just the worst isn't it! Like why do we use to many of them? And let's face it we know we should wash them weekly but every so often they get left just a fraction longer because it's such a chore! 

I was fuss-potting around The Body Shop recently, looking at some beauty bits and I spotted this brightly coloured silicone thingy and thought, literally ANYTHING that makes cleaning brushes just that tiny bit easier, I am all for so I had to buy it. It was actually £5 which I don't think is too bad considering just how much use the damn thing is gonna get. 

Real Techniques

I noticed that the underneath of it has a little gap presumably to pop your fingers in instead of just using it in the palm of your hand. That said after a while I just cupped the thing which also fits really well in your hand and the reason I did it was because water kept going in that little gap and every time I moved my hand water kept being flung everywhere! It was a little chaotic for my liking but that's probably me using it and not a fault of the product. I soaped but my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush up and then just gave it a whizz around on the little Silicone Brush Cleaner and was seriously impressed with how easy to clean that dense brush was. No more being bent double painfully swirling my brush in the palm of my hand, nope it's now so much easier. 

I did however find the fluffy brushes a little bit harder to wash and I actually have a Mac 217 eye shadow brush that I simply wouldn't use on this brush cleaner but that's because it's a fussy little brush that gets out of shape really easily. Let's face it there are loads of little silicone brush cleaners available and I am a little late to the party but this is bloody life changing, never washed my brushes so damn quickly before! 

What tools do you use to clean your brushes? 

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