10 September 2017

The Birthday Post | Lifestyle

Oh here we are again! Another year another birthday and once again my life is all changed! Last year I was in Italy having a great time but deep down I wasn't actually that happy, in fact I was really bloody lonely, that said I have to admit 26 was the best year of my life so 27 was always going to be a little tricky. 

Being 27 had some truly wonderful moments but I can't say it has been easy. I kinda feel like I was in this no mans land of being somewhere between blissfully happy and feeling all a bit meh! The goals I wanted to achieve this year didn't quite happen but on the other hand I have done more. Being 27 I have travelled lots of wonderful places with my boyfriend, who is just the best human on this planet, I don't even know where to begin with that one so I won't (let's not get too soppy, ay?) but also even just my parents welcoming me stay at home and save money to eventually move out, like how lucky am I? I have seen my friends so much more this year and honestly, it's the best! It's these things that make me realise how great being 27 was but I think there are a few changes I have to make this year that will help push me in a positive direction. 

Just a short little post from me today purely because I'm not really a birthday kinda gal but 27 was  mix of emotions but actually really good and I think being 28 could be even better!  

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