3 September 2017

Time for a change | Lifestyle

White Roses

Guys, I'm in a bloody rut and it's time for a few changes. Today I just wanted to have a little chat about a few things I need to change about myself/my life to make me feel more content.
Starting with something image related is...

My style... 
I feel like since I've come back from Italy I have gone to shit quite frankly! I used to love my clothes and the way I wore them and the way they looked on me fast forward a year and I'm fatter and hate everything! Whilst I am trying to lose those lbs, I need to start looking at my clothes a little better! So I am gonna get rid of a LOT of stuff and really look at what I need in my wardrobe and give myself a bit of a tidy up. I saw a girl on a plane the other day who looked so nice but what she was wearing was very simplistic but her overall styling just looked really good so it's given me a little nudge to sort myself out.

My relationship with social media...
I have written a few posts about my relationship with social media but I think now I really need to start switching off. One thing you need to know about me is that I am a very visual person so if it's out of sight it's out of mind, for example, if I am at home and don't have a bottle of water in my sightline I will literally forget to drink all day! So now I'm moving all social media into one folder on my phone so that when I unlock it the initial visual stimulant isn't there for me to tap on. I still need to break the habit of aimlessly scrolling but it's a work in progress guys!

My reading schedule... 
I have always loved reading book, in fact I have always been able to absorb them at such a quick rate that I always have to buy a few to keep me going. Even in Italy I read a lot but that's because I didn't have a tv for most of the time. I have really struggled with finding a book I actually like, nothing seems to appeal to me but when I do think one or two are ok I start reading them and then find myself on my bloody phone looking at social media! All the time!!! I have been reading a good book for weeks now and I just can't finish it and trust me, it's not the book, it's me!! Moving forward I will be allocating an hour a day to just read WITHOUT going on social media.

My career path...
I love my industry, it's like I was made to do what I do because It fits with my personality traits so well but I just feel recently I have lost that spark and passion I had, even last year. I think there are a few reasons for this that I won't go into on here but now it's time to find that passion again, I have coasted for too long I just need to sort it out.

My outlook ...
A bit of a tricky one but I was always a bit worried that when I move back to the UK I would become the person I was before and it's kinda true. When I was in Italy I had the basics but I never actually wanted more, I was generally quite happy which mellowed me out so much and since moving back I now want more and more in every aspect really. I mean, environment does play a part in it but I need to slow down just a little because I'm thinking too far ahead when all I need to consider is what I want and need right now.

Is there anything you want to work on this year or what to change about yourself?


  1. Let me say one thing Miss Honeypot, you are one fabulously sparkly lady!!!
    There's a multitude of things that I want to work on. I too can relate to, well, every point actually. I really struggle style wise, it's just throw the same things on time again because it is easy and then you find yourself buying the same things so it's an endless cycle. My career path which is world's apart from my blog, is something that has come to a bit in the road of which way to go - stay, move on, new career, I literally have no clue what so ever.
    Keep focused sweetie and you will achieve what you want to. xx

    1. Oh you utter babe!! I agree, it is to easy to just keep buying the same old clothes!xx