20 September 2017

TBS Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder | Beauty

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

I have heard SO many things about The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder and basically I have taken my sweet time at getting round to trying the damn thing mainly because I always felt it looked a little orange. However when I went in there recently I thought I would revisit these little bronzers and see whether I could find a shade that I would like. 

Now, I have a very pale/fair complexion but I tried the lighter shades and when I swatched them they were just too orange so went for a the much darker 06 shade which isn't that dark but wanted to use it as a contour instead of a typical bronzer has I have heard so many use it in this way, I thought a darker shade might be good.

Honey Bronze Close Up

I have to be a little honest here guys, I was a little underwhelmed with this product! It is just too orange for me and I used it as contour and it's OK but I think I just prefer the more ashy tone in my Sleek Face Contour Kit. I mean, this isn't a bad product it does last all day and blends in quite well and if you are looking for more of a subtle look then this product might work for you, and it does work for lots of people, just not me so it would appear! I haven't used it as a bronzer just because I feel it would look too heavy/orange on me. 

I definitely don't get the hype of it and considering it costs £14 I do feel like I have wasted my money a little bit and I would also note that the colour The Body Shop show on their website for 06 is no where near as dark in real life so go in store and give it a little swatch. 

Which products have you been a little disappointed with?

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