27 September 2017

Strobe Of Genius Illuminating Palette | Beauty

Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

If you guys have read my recent NYX post you'll know that I received this gorgeous palette for the launch of the brand on Debenhams and said that I would review some products Separately if I really loved them. So today I wanted to talk about the utterly stunning Strobe of Genius palette! 

I have to say I never got onboard with the whole strobing trend, never even tried it so I can't really talk about whether this palette is good specifically for that but I am all about highlight, love me a bit of highlight! Strobe of Genius has 7 different shades of highlight and I mean just look at them, ranging from deep bronze highlights to a beautiful cool toned lilac which I was so excited to try out as I've never used a product like this. 

Strobe of Genius Swatch

Strobe of Genius Swatch

As soon as I swiped my brush on my cheek bone I was in love, this product is so finely milled that it really ads more of a glisten than glitter which is quite hard because I find that a lot of highlighters do end up making you look like a glitterball which is fine if that the look you want but sometimes you just want a bit of life drawn into your face without looking OTT. I liked it so much that I started using it on part of my face that I never usually highlight like the brow bone, I know loads of guys do but it wasn't something I ever thought to do. Some of the shades are a little darker for my skin tone but I think if I was on holiday somewhere warm I would totally be swishing this all over my face! 

Strobe of Genius costs around £16 which could be argued that it is slightly pricier than most highlighters but personally I think you are paying for the variety of highlight you get, with colours I probably would never have picked up or tried before so it's a really nice palette to explore and play around with. Additionally I think this palette can be used by a variety of different skin tones which is definitely a bonus. I would say the packaging is a little cheap because as you can see in the picture it's wearing a little but the product inside, I love! 

What is your favourite highlight?


  1. I have been seeing this everywhere! love the look of it x

    1. It's a really lovely palette! You should check it out dear xx