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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Urban Decay - Naked On The Run | Beauty

Oh it's a beauty isn't it?

This is my first Urban Decay product and it's the Naked On The Run palette. Ever since I started blogging I have seen so much hype about the Naked palettes and I desperately wanted Naked 3 but the price tag has always put me off it a little because I didn't NEED it, I just wanted it. 

I went to Westfield with my dear friend Vernia a couple of weeks ago, but I turned up early so I thought I would just have a wander around the Beauty Section in House of Fraser which is a terrible idea just after payday. First stop was the Nars counter, I very nearly walked out with a Satin Lip Pencil however I thought I would just walk over to the Urban Decay stand, you know, just to have a look. Immediately I was drawn to this one, I have seen several blog posts about the Naked On The Run palette and it was just so beautiful in real life too. 

You get 6 great sized eye shadows, from left to right Dive (my fave), Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and 5050. 3 Shimmers, two mattes and one shade that can be used all over the lid or even as a highlighter. I cannot get over the quality of these shades, the shimmers are stunning, literally stunning. They are incredibly pigmented which means you can either use them with a light hand and have a sexy subtle shimmer or you can go all out for the more bronzed goddess look. 

You also get a bronzer in a medium matte shade, that kinda has orange tones which I will have to be a little careful of but it blends out really nicely. A blusher in a vibrant pink shade, which has quite an impact but if used delicately it just adds pretty flush to the cheeks. We have to remember I have quite pale skin so most things I have to use with a light hand. 

You also get a Perversion mascara, a 24/7 Glide On eye pencil and a Naked lipgloss in a rose shade, all of which I will definitely use. 

A major selling point of this product is how easy it is to just slip in your bag or travel with. I commute into London everyday, sometimes I go out after work which means I have to take my entire make up bag with me, which is a little bulky. But this has everything apart from my make up brushes and foundation. The mirror is bloody big as well so you can easily do a full face of make up in it. 

I'm so so so happy that I bought this, I definitely think it's worth the £37 price tag.

Have you tried the Naked On The Run Palette yet?


  1. I have this and I absolutely love it!
    Emma xo | missemmalouise12.blogspot.ie

    1. It's just gorgeous isn't it!!! Thanks for reading!xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I've heard mixed reviews about the UD shadows. What do you think of the colour payoff? xx

    1. Thank you so much!!! I think the shadows in this palette are pretty great, especially Dive this goes on the eyelid exactly how it looks in the pan. However the two matte shades were actually very similar when on the lid. I would definitely try more UD shadows because the shimmers are divine!xx

    2. Great! I love their shadow primer - I'll have to give the shadows a try :) x

  3. I have this too and love it! Every shade is so easy to wear and long lasting. I love the eyeliner and perversion mascara.

    Roxie ♥

    1. Thanks for reading my love!! I completely agree with you, the whole palette is so easy to wear! I've just written a review on the perversion mascara! I love it!!xx


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