30 June 2014

Beautyblender | Review

One of the most exciting things I got in this months Birchbox was the Beautyblender. I'll be honest, before I started blogging I had never heard of it, but when I saw it I knew it was a big deal.

How cute is that? 

It also comes with a little cleansing bar of soap to wash it after use, which I think it fab! 

I've never really used sponges, I've tried to in the past but just felt that sponges absorb the foundation instead of actually putting it on my face. 

I'm not gonna lie, it took me a lot of YouTube videos to find out how to use the thing and I was looking at it thinking it's pretty small it's going to take a while for me to cover my entire face. 

How to use it

The magic thing is that you have to wet the sponge, I mean completely drench the thing and it doubles in size 

It doesn't even fit into it's little pot anymore. 

To wring it out simply put it in the palm of your hand and make a tight fist, don't stretch or pull it dry! Just squeeze. The sponge will stay a little damp but there shouldn't be water dripping from it. 

How to apply make up

I put my liquid foundation on the back of my hand as I always do when putting on my make up. Right now I'm using two different foundations, I've caught the tiniest bit of colour which means my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory is just a fraction too light. 

I simply dabbed the Beautyblender into the foundation and bounced it on my face. It's so important that you don't drag it across your cheeks as the application won't look as good. Just bounce, bounce, bounce...

The verdict

I bloody love this Beautyblender!!!!! Honestly, I'm really impressed with it. The coverage is amazing, I use brushes and I love my brushes but this Beautyblender is something else. 

It pushes the foundation into every crease of your skin, making sure that your face is perfectly covered. I'm relatively new to the make up world, I've always worn it but I'm experimenting far more and this is a stand alone make up tool. 

I really struggled to get an after picture because of the lighting was a bit naff yesterday and I don't really do entire face shots on my blog, so all I can do is urge you to watch the YouTube videos on how to use the Beautyblender and buy one. It's really impressive. 

I probably wouldn't use this everyday just because I'd look incredibly done up just to be going into work when I don't need to be. But I am going to be using this every time I go out or when I go to an event, the Beautyblender is coming out. 

Washing the Beautyblender 

The cleanser is bloody fantastic, it really cleans the Beautyblender incredibly well. The one thing I will point out is the hot pink dye did wash off with it, which is worrying because I don't want that transferring to my face but it almost looked brand new again. 

The Beautyblender really is an amazing make up tool. 

Have you tried the Beautyblender? 


  1. I'm really excited about this product as I have registered with Birchbox and will hope to receive my first parcel soon! I might cry if the blender is not included! lol. Love the blog and will continue to follow :)

    Scribbles x

    1. There have been some seriously good boxes the past couple of months so I'm not sure if July's gonna be as good but still completely worth the price I'd say!!! Oh thank you so much! Really means a lot!! :) x