14 June 2014

Brazil Birchbox

It's finally hear one of my favourite days of them month, apart from pay day, of course...Birchbox day!!!

I must admit I had heard this box was a goodie so I hunted the internet to find blogs who had already received theirs so I could have a little look inside. I'm pretty bad with surprises, the suspense kills me, just imagine me at Christmas, utter nightmare.

It's a little hard to see exactly what's inside, bad picture quality I will admit but the lighting was against me. 

Got some really exciting things, so instead of me telling you all about them in this post I'm just going to give them their very own post each. 

I will say I'm very excited to use the Beautyblender...but I have absolutely no idea how! I'm going to spend this weeks looking through youbtube and other vlogs to see how they use it.

What did you get in your Birchbox? What are you most excited to try out?

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