10 June 2014

Summer Trends | Colours

Recently I’ve joined the #summerblogger challenge that Amy has created for loads of bloggers to get involved with. She’ll suggest a topic every week and basically we all write about it with own on twist. I missed last week’s one, I was out at events and didn’t have time to write about it.

So this week is Summer Trends a lovely broad topic and now the sun has come out to greet us I know I’m feeling more summery. Let's face it i know most trends this summer are gonna be crop tops and co ords but that's just not going to work for my body shape.

The trend that I have gone for is…Colour! I’m going to share with you the colours and materials I love to wear when it is gorgeous outside.

I spend most of my time dressed head to toe in black, but let’s face it, black isn’t the most practical colour to wear in the sun. This time of year I opt for all things bold and floaty

You can see I’m a massive fan of coral shades, I’m a blonde so I coral and peaches look really well with my skin tone. Also they really look fab with a tan. I chose soft silky materials that just catch the summer breeze. I also love to wear blues, electric blue of course which is a contrast to the corals but equally as beautiful.

This is just a couple of items I love. I wear a lot of colour on the top half of my body, I’ve got quite wide hips so wearing bright colours on my legs is just a no no!

I tend to buy a lot of bright colours for when I go on holiday and last year I bought this dress and I’m still so in love with it…

The colour is gorgeous and bright but also the cut and style of the dress just suits me so well. I picked this up in the Reiss sample sale last year for a bargain price and just loved it. The dress is floaty and light, but it does have an underskirt that’s silk so it can get a little warm if you are in a very hot country.

What are your summer trends? Bold colours or pastel shades?

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