21 June 2014

My meals today | #healthyselves

Weight and health is very topical for me right now. 

During the week I am strict with what I'm eating, no snacking and I'm focused to change the way I think about food. But my biggest problem comes at the weekend. The house is full of sweet and crisps and all things bad, so I find myself snacking a lot. 

Today I was determined not to binge and undo all of my hard work so I thought by taking pictures of what I'm eating it'll keep me focused because I know I've added it to my blog. 

I kept my food as close to how I eat at work, I have at least two apples a day. Not one after the other I'll have one and then I'll have another a few hours after. I just like apples, the greener the better... 

I had cereal for lunch with skimmed milk always skimmed milk, which is much better than a sandwich. I really struggle with carbs, I am such a carb monster but I know that I can't eat a sandwich everyday like I used to. That's two slices of bread a day and over a week that 14 slices which is nearly an entire loaf. 

I can't cut everything out otherwise it will mean that I'll binge on stuff if I deprive myself of it. So I'm doing smarter snacking, so if I want some crisps I can, but I'll have Quavers, I bloody love Quavers. If I need something sweet, weight watchers do these pretty tasty biscuits that are low calories and two is enough. 

Finally for dinner I had steak and peas. Something very simple but good, it gives my body some protein and fills me up today I didn't have an potatoes with it because I didn't feel like cooking them to be honest. This was a pretty large steak and had a little more fat on it that I would like but I just cut that off. 

If I do get a bit hungry or I fancy something sweet then I will let myself have this Options hot chocolate it bloody lovely think of melted praline in a cup (lush!) and very low calories. 

This is such a boring post I know, but it helped me to stay focused which was the main point. I'm not on a diet and I'm not counting calories, I'm just eating better cutting out things I don't actually need. I just want to be healthy. If I really wanted chocolate I will have some, if I go out for a meal, sure I'll have dessert but it's about making sensible choices and knowing that today if I have a treat I just have to be focused again tomorrow. I also drink a crazy amount of water so that I don't dehydrate. 

I am exercising as well but I'll follow up in another post.

What did you eat today? 


  1. Awesome idea to document meals/snacks on your blog! Love things like this for inspiration :) xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading Charlotte! I thought it would be a good way to keep me focused as over the weekend I tend to snack!!!xx