28 June 2014

OPI I'm Brazil nuts over you | Review

I was super excited to receive a gorgeous little OPI miniature in this months Birchbox. Now I have my natural nails again I can actually get excited about all these lovely new nail polishes. 

The colour I received was I'm Brazil Nuts Over You, a fun sparkly pink colour. 

I thought this was just going to be a standard glittery shade...oh how I was wrong. 

It's actually part of the Liquid Sands collection that OPI has released and there are about 4 different shades. What this means is that formula is actually incredibly textured, like a sandy sort of finish. 

It's hard to show in pictures the texture of it, but it's completely different from any nail varnish I've ever used and y'know what, I kinda like it. 

The colour, I'm Brazil Nuts Over You, I absolutely love, it's different to what I've been wearing recently but in the past I'm a lover of all shades of reds and corals and pinks so it's perfect. 

It has a gorgeous shimmer to it that works incredibly well with the textured feeling. It almost has another purpley tone that shows in the light really the pictures do not do this beauty justice.

As I said I'm used to a smooth almost gel like finish but this actually neatens my nails up and works well on my broken short nails, it doesn't make them look even shorter which is a bonus. 

One thing I will say is that like all other glitter nail polishes, it's a bugger to get off. You're going to need a good acetone nail polish remover for this bad boy. 

I love love love this nail polish. 

Have you tried anything from the Liquid Sand range from OPI?


  1. What a beautiful colour, the texture looks really interesting on your nails too! I love OPI!

    Sarah xo | Polka Dot Lemon

    1. Honestly, the pictures do not do it justice. It's a really lovely colour! Thank you for reading!!xx