2 June 2014

Thomas Sabo charms me again...

I've always loved the idea of a charm bracelet, loads of little things to remind you of things you love or need to remember, that all mean something.

I've had a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for several years now. It actually started with a the black one where you could add 1 or 2 charms to but I soon realised I wanted more and more so I opted for a bracelet that would carry several more. 

I wear the thing literally every day, never take it off! I only really wear silver jewellery so it fits perfectly with every outfit and my other bits. I had 7 charms on it which were...

• Snake with an apple (temptation, of course) 
• the letter T (my first name) 
• A shooting star 
• A heart 
• Turtle 
• Seahorse 
• Sun, moon and star (a link to one of my fave little poems) 

The last time I bought a charm was very long ago because I hadn't seen anything recently until I popped into my local jewellery store that stocks Thomas Sabo products. 

I ended up with two new charms!!!

It was hard finding something different to what I've already got, I didn't want another heart or star and I didn't want any from the rose gold range (it just wouldn't match). 

So I ended up with these beauties...

A gorgeous angel wing, I mean I don't need to go too far into the reason behind getting an angel wing. Sometimes it's nice to just look down and be remembered of loved ones. It's got 4 tiny little gems in it as well and just looks stunning. 

Hmmm how best to describe this one a disk with a kinda Celtic cut out pattern?! It didn't photograph as lovely as what it actually is. I love these types of patterns and I have a pendant which is almost similar to this. Yet again I just love the simplicity of it and it's something a bit different to what else I have but fits in beautifully.

I'm really happy with my little purchase 

Do you have a charm bracelet?

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