20 June 2014

Summer Bucket List | #summerbloggerchallenge

Ok so I was suppose to post this on  Tuesday which would mean this is a #summerbloggerchallenge post. This week's theme is Summer Bucket List which actually sounds quite fun. 

I'm going to write a list of things I must do every summer otherwise, it's clearly not summer. 

Starting from the top...

1. Must get a tan
Ok so this is quite a small one and I'm not expecting to go too bronzed but if I don't get even a slight colour I feel that I look like I've done nothing all summer. 

2. Sit in a beer garden. 
There is nothing better than chilling in a beer garden with an ice cold cider with your friends.  

3. Must go on holiday with my best pal
I will admit I'm a bit of a workaholic, I don't like taking time off work but I know that I must. Last year we went to Marrakech which was beautiful. 

4. Must get the legs out
To be fair, my legs are never get shown they are fifty shades of ugly. But when you're on holiday you've gotta let them out haven't ya? 

5. Must go on a road trip
What summer would be complete without one? Normally UK based where you have a little travel down to a close by beach. Windows down, music blaring, messy hair and sunnies! 

6. Must have a day exploring London. 
Yes, I have a confession to make I bloody love London and I'm not just talking about the touristy parts, everywhere. It really is beautiful when the sun is shining. 


7. Must have at least one Strawberry Daiquiri. 
This is my all time favourite cocktail, there is nothing better than sitting in the sun getting tipsy on these bad boys. 

8. Must spend at least one entire day in the garden, in the sun, reading a book
A pretty simple one, but it's utter relaxation plus it's nice to get lost in a good book. 

9. Must go at least one day without wearing any foundation
Whether it be in another country on holiday or here in the UK. Everyone's face looks so beautiful with a bit of colour just a sunkissed glow, not to be mistaken with sun burn. Nobody wants sunburn. 

10. Become obsessed with ice pops
Literally one of my favourite things about summer I get to eat my own body weight in ice pops and they're just flavoured ice so barely any calories to worry about!

11. Must run more.
The summer is THE perfect time to start running again. It's bright and it makes you feel good!!

What's on your summer bucket list? 


  1. I love a strawberry daiquiri when it's sunny, I always find them so much stronger in England than abroad though!
    This post makes me feel really summery! xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading!!! I must admit a strawberry daiquiri is my all time favourite summer drink!!!xx